Peak Yam Pounder – The Best Yam Pounding Machine in Nigeria

Peak Yam Pounder is the best yam pounding machine in Nigeria. It’s a unique and special pounded yam machine that pounds yam in less than two (2) minutes.

Peak Yam Pounder is the quickest and easiest method of preparing a delicacy called “Pounded Yam”. Peak Yam Pounding Machine will help you to enjoy pounded yam at its peak.

Peak Yam Pounder is a unique and special pounded yam machine that pounds yam in Just Less Than Two (2) Minutes. All you need to do is to boil your yam, pour the boiled yam into Peak Yam Pounding Machine, plug the poundo machine into the socket, and in less than 2 minutes, the quality pounded yam is ready for you. It can also be used for pounding plantain and fufu.

Peak Yam Pounder
Peak Pounded Yam Machine is available in specially customized design as a gift item for friends and well-wishers. You can present Peak Yam Pounder as a gift for Birthdays, Marriages, Other Ceremonies, the End of Year Award, and gifts to Very Important Personalities (VIPs) in your environment.

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Pounded Yam Made Easy, Simple And At Its Peak…

Pounded yam is a delicacy that commands respect and is ranked topmost in this part of the World.

Some people and catering places don’t have time and energy to pound this delicacy for home and commercial use. Research has shown that the traditional method of pounding yam can expose food to contamination due to dripping sweat and mucus from the body of the person pounding the food. The houseflies and fungal growth in the internal walls of the mortar and pestles after washing and kept for a long time can result in another source of food contamination.

With the help of Peak Yam Pounder, our potential and target customers can easily enjoy the best quality pounded yam at any time. This machine enables “you to enjoy your pounded yam at its peak”. We delivered to all parts of Nigeria within 72 hours of making an order.

Our technology is indigenous both in concept, design, and performance. Peak Yam Pounder is original, the best pounded yam machine, and No.1 in AFRICA in terms of quality and durability.

Peak Yam Pounder standard

Benefits of Using Peak Yam Pounder:  

• It helps customers to enjoy their pounded yam at its peak.
• It’s hygienic and pounds in less than 2 minutes.
• It takes away stress – No stress involved during pounding.
• It’s durable and affordable.
• It’s convenient and very easy to use.

Types of Peak Yam Pounder: 

Peak standard home size
Peak standard home size

Peak Standard Home Pounding Machine Price is Eighty-Five Thousand Naira (N85,000) only.



Peak Yam Pounder Standard Home Size is designed for producing the best output in pounding yam, fufu, and plantain with very ease and stress-free. This machine has come to solve the problems of pounding yam with all the strength and energy. Some of our customers call it an “Easy Going Pounding Machine”. This is because it makes life easy, it helps them to prepare and eat quality pounded yam at convenience, at any time they wish to enjoy their delicacy at its peak.

Standard Home Size is very rugged, durable, and efficient. It’s easy to use and affordable. It has the capacity to pound for home or house of 1 to 4 persons at a time depending on how they can eat. It pounds with ease and in less than two (2) minutes. You Will No More See Lumps Inside Your Pounded Yam, Never Again. It has the capacity to retain your pounded yam warm before serving for consumption.

Simply pour your boiled yam or plantain into the pounding chamber (pounding pot), cover the yam with the glass top cover, and switch on the machine, and in just less than 2 minutes, quality pounded yam is ready for you.

This is a very efficient product for single and career Ladies and Men, Students, Mum and Dad. The Household of 1 to 4 persons can use it at a time comfortably.

Home And Office Delivery is Available for Customers in Abuja at N5,000 Only.

Peak Yam Pounder Family
Peak Diamond Yam Pounder Family size

Peak Family Size Pounding Machine Price is Ninety-Seven Thousand Naira (N97,000) only.



Peak Family Size produces the best quality pounded yam at its peak in less than 2 minutes for family consumption. It is your best choice of preparing pounded yam for your family because it has the capacity to pound for 2 to 10 people at a time. It’s the perfect alternative to the traditional mortar and pestle.

Peak Yam Pounder Machine is the easiest and quickest method of preparing Nigeria’s local delicacy known as POUNDED YAM. This yam pounding machine is a must-have for every household because it’s every kitchen essential. The working-class wives and mothers’ best friends when it comes to taking care of their family.

You will have your pounded yam looking hot and fresh with no worries. Peak Yam Pounder assures you of a mouth-watering meal of pounded yam best served with local soups like egusi, afang, efo, or okro soup. The newly improved Peak Family size is mainly for the married couple and their children. A family of up to 10 people can use it at a time comfortably.

Home And Office Delivery is Available for Customers in Abuja at N7,500 Only.


Benefits of Peak Industrial Sizes To Restaurants Business. 

When you are thinking about how to venture into an eatery or expand a restaurant’s business, Peak Industrial Yam Pounder is the way forward to attract and retain your customers as far as getting quality pounded yam is concerned.

Peak Industrial Yam Pounding Machine is useful for large production of pounded yam in Hotels, Restaurants, Schools Canteen and Eatery places.

Industrial Yam Pounding Machine is what you need to attract and retain both new and existing customers as far as quality pounded yam is required to satisfy them in your restaurants and hotels business.

Benefits Of Peak Industrial Sizes are:

1. Peak Industrial Size Yam Pounder helps to increase the quality and quantity of your pounded yam at all times. So, the restaurants business will definitely be improved.

2. It discouraged your workers not to waste your yam when pounding. Hence, it encourages efficiency.

3. Industrial size pounded yam machine enables you to meet your customers’ or clients’ demands within a short period of time.

4. Your customers are no more afraid of eating contaminated pounded yam (food) because there is no more drop of sweat of the person(s) pounding the yam.

5. You will enjoy an increase in sales as the machine produces high-quality pounded yam in less than 2 minutes.

6. It brings customers satisfaction and a good reputation to your hotels and restaurants. And,

7. The best of it all, is that it brings more customers, more sales, and more profit to your business.

There are two types of Industrial Size of Peak Yam Pounding machines. These are Single Industrial Size and Dual Industrial Size.

Peak Yam Pounder

The cost of a Single Industrial Size is One Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Naira (N115,000) only.


Single Industrial Peak Yam Pounder has one pounding chamber like the family size but it carries industrial capacity. It is designed for Restaurants, Hotels, and Schools’ Canteen. It is also very useful for families that often receive many visitors and make pounded yams frequently. Single Industrial capacity is recommended to VIPs (Very Important Personalities), Businessmen, and Women.

Single Industrial Size brings customers satisfaction and a good reputation to your restaurants/ eatery business. It eliminates yam wastage and increases productivity. This machine will help your customers to enjoy eating pounded yam at its peak. And above all, expect good returns and high customers turnover.

Peak Yam Pounder

The price of Dual Industrial Size is Two Hundred and Twenty-Five Thousand Naira (N225,000) only.


Dual Industrial Size pounded yam machine is a category of Peak Yam Pounder that has two pounding chambers and you can use two of them for pounding simultaneously. You can decide to use one chamber when pounding your food, it depending on the volume of yam you want to pound.

We recommend Dual Industrial Capacity Machine to Schools’ Canteen (especially boarding schools), Restaurants and Hotels for maximum output and productivity.

Home And Office Delivery is Available for Customers in Abuja at N10,000 Only

Very Important:

For more information about Peak Yam Pounder, please call our customer care on 08089484311; 08036299750.

To order Peak Yam Pounder, kindly pay into our bank account detail given below:

Account No: 1021909280,
Account Name: Peak Diamond Multipurpose Ltd,
Bank Name: UBA.

After payment, please send your Names, phone number, email address, contact address, the bank paid to, and amount paid; to or call 08089484311; 08036299750.


Please Note:

1. After payment, for customers outside Kaduna, our sales team will deliver the machine(s) to you within 72 hours.

2. Purchase across the range will attract 5% trade discount. That is, if you buy each of Standard Home size, Family size and Industrial Capacity size at a time, you are entitle to 5% trade discount on total sales.

To become our Distributor, kindly call 08089484311; 08036299750 for further discussion.

Hygienically, Peak Yam Pounder is recommended to every household, restaurants and hotels so you don’t eat contaminated pounded yam exposed to dripping sweat and mucus from the body of the person doing the pounding.

Our Valued Customers,

We are happy to announce to you that Peak Yam Pounder is fully accepted by the market and we are committed to serving you better by delivering the yam pounding machines to all parts of Nigeria, the UK, the USA, Ghana, Togo, and other African Countries. Our customers care works 24/7 to ensure prompt delivery, response to your inquiries, and other issues.

We believe that Peak Yam Pounder is giving you the quality of pounded yam at its peak. Kindly help us to spread the good news about our yam pounding machine to your family members, friends, and associates. We will deliver to them as we delivered to you promptly.

Thank you and best wishes!


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